Simply put, we are solution-oriented to deliver results for our clients.

Ensuring the highest quality and efficiency for MD Steele projects, operations include self-performed cast-in-place reinforced concrete works, precast concrete installation, bearing and expansion joint installation and erection of steel and precast girders.

Whether your project demands Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build or Construction Management of a customized solution, our team will exceed expectations.


Construction Integrity demands we always do our best to deliver on time and on budget. While guided by strong moral principles at MD Steele, our focus is innovative problem-solving and collaborating with our clients, consultants, subtrades and suppliers to deliver quality work. When you collaborate with us, you can have full confidence in our reliability and ability to deliver a successful project.

We do not believe in surprises. A well-planned and well-executive project is the name of the game.

We use four procurement methods in our service offerings:



Our ability to think outside the box means we find innovative solutions for competitive bids.


Construction Management

With established systems and strong relationships with our subtrades, we develop solutions that make sense for our clients.



When it comes to infrastructure, institutional, industrial or commercial projects, our keen understanding of constructability separates us from the rest.


Customized Solutions

Where our expertise meets your needs. We’re happy to adapt to best serve our clients and develop what’s needed to produce a project collaboratively.


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MD Steele works collaboratively with industry professionals providing solution-oriented results for our clients. Whether your project demands a design-bid-build, design-build, construction management or a customized solution, our team will exceed expectations.

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MD Steele’s entire team is solutions focused. Our solutions are centered around two driving factors: innovation and value engineering.

As we build, we look for creative ways to enhance the anticipated final product. Adding value to our project includes analyzing our processes and costs looking at the project lifecycle from design to maintenance, then applying innovative strategies to complete our builds effectively.

We strive to do better, always.