Transportation Project for the City of Winnipeg

The construction of the Provencher vehicle and pedestrian bridges, commonly known as Esplanade Riel, were two of the most challenging bridge projects that our team has ever completed.

This project was marked by significant engineering and construction challenges over the course of two years. From constructing work bridges across the Red River to access the work area, to completely changing the design of the pedestrian bridge precast deck units, to a cast-in-place cantilevered travelling formwork system, building these two bridges was no small feat. The pedestrian bridge is the only cable stay structure in Manitoba

The vehicular bridge has some of the biggest curved trapezoidal precast girders in the province. A temporary bridge had to be constructed to get the girders in a position where they could be lifted by a massive crane. M.D. Steele designed and constructed a large set of steel “Gizmos” to support the tubs until all bracing was in place. The experience gained from constructing these two structures galvanized our already impressive reputation in bridge construction and both structures have become well known landmarks in Winnipeg.

Completion date: 2003

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Contract type: Design-bid-build

Project value: $15,000,000 (Pedestrian) $32,000,000 (Vehicle)