Madsen Mine

Mining Project for Puregold

The construction of Madsen Mine was a fast-tracked mining project in Northern Ontario for Puregold, a mining company hired to rebuild and recommission a mine that has been out of service for over 30 years. A challenging build that required a complete overhaul of the existing facility as well as a significant scope of new component from power distribution foundations to equipment and tank foundations.

Most of the project involved extremely complex and sophisticated concrete work following an aggressive schedule. Construction was literally minutes behind the design and we had to adapt fast. Despite the speed and complexity of the project, safety was the priority. The client had a zero-tolerance policy.

Managing the workforce and resources to accommodate design and methodology changes were challenging. To make matters even more exciting we received an award letter the same week that Ontario closed it’s boarders due to COVID 19.  After spending only a few days developing a strategy that would meet all health and safety requirements as well as keep our workers safe we were onsite and ready to tackle the work. This project was completed on time and on budget.

Completion date: 2020

Location: RED LAKE, ON

Contract type: Design-bid-build

Project value: $3,000,000