Transportation project for the City of Winnipeg

Construction of Kenaston Overpass was an extremely interesting and challenging build. The Kenaston Flyover and associated roadworks was designed and built to carry vehicle traffic from Southbound Kenaston to East bound Bishop Grandin.

The 104-meter-long bridge superstructure was built using two large continuous, parabolic curved, trapezoidal steel girders. The deck and barriers are reinforced cast-in-place concrete, treated with a hot poured rubberized waterproofing membrane and an asphalt wearing surface. The interior of each girder is accessible from the abutments and are lit for scheduled inspections. The girders are supported on a total of six large pot bearings.

The substructures are cast-in-place concrete, and the abutments are contained inside of a MSE wall system that was backfilled with 8,000 cubic meters of lightweight cellular concrete. Part of the project was to construct an entirely new roadwork geometry.

Despite the scope of this complex build, the entire project was completed within a single construction season on time and on budget.

Completion date: 2013

Location: WINNIPEG, MB

Contract type: Design-bid-build

Project value: $15,000,000