MD Steele was born out of sheer determination.

In 1993, Maurice Steele, Dave Harrison, Sig Ritz, Moe Steffano, Tony Dinella and Herve Marion were determined to do something different and MD Steele was born, an innovative and integrity-focused construction company. Carrying both Maurice’s name and reputation for honesty and trustworthiness, the team set out on a mission.

It’s never easy to start a business in any sector but construction may be harder than most. The competition is fierce and well-established. Proving themselves was the first task at hand and they had the chance with their first project. That first project, a small $35,000 assignment at the CN Transcona yard gates started them off on a journey to establishing a new level of construction integrity in Manitoba.

The team at MD Steele landed progressively larger projects and within one year of their launch, they landed the Brodie Centre/John Buhler Research Centre. The successful completion of this project earned MD Steele the reputation they were after.

In 2008, MD Steele had a change of ownership to Pat Lusty, Peter Withoos and John Elands. As the mantle was passed to three individuals that possessed the commitment, ethics and drive to succeed.

Today’s leadership and ownership team remain steadfast in the values Maurice Steele espoused. The old-fashioned way of honouring commitments remains the same, but the company has worked very hard to embrace technology and eagerly works at being inclusive, inviting and fair.