Innovation, Excellence and Integrity.

Since establishing in 1993, we have maintained our reputation for fairness, reliability and innovative workmanship. We go above and beyond to stand behind our reputation and build trust with our customers, consultants, subtrades and suppliers. We believe in a team approach and develop solid lines of communication ensuring everyone is prepared to commit to producing quality work within required timeframes. We have pride in our work, our team and our community.


There is nothing more important than going home safe and healthy at the end of the day. We love our work, but we love our families even more. Safety requires an ongoing commitment and investment, and the rewards of a safe work environment are incalculable. Our goal is to prevent all accidents.

MD Steele values the safety of our team, our subtrades, our partners and our clients above all. We are proud to be among one of the first ten contractors in Manitoba to achieve our COR® Certification. COR® certification ensures MD Steele maintains an effective safety and health management system to reduce hazards, incidents and injuries. Despite our successful program, we recognize that safety is not an event; it’s a process and a culture that can constantly be improved upon and tailored to different environments and specific project demands.

We prioritize training, communications and documentation. We use a real-time safety management software program which allows us to quickly record and share all safety documentation with workers and clients alike as it happens. This helps us maintain our safety culture and ensures a higher standard of safety on our job sites.


MD Steele’s goal is to always leave a jobsite or community better than how we found it, this is especially important when considering the environment.

Environmental Management Plans (EMP) are specific to each project. As best practices evolve and processes improve, MD Steele is committed to helping lead the way.

Our projects vary greatly, and so do our environmental responsibilities.  We have successfully managed archeologically sites, biological concerns such as avian and aquatic management, water control and detailed reporting requirements including waste management.

At MD Steele we do not take shortcuts. We are proud of the steps we take to protect the environment.


At MD Steele, our overall goal is to ensure our clients’ needs are exceeded. Quality is no more apparent than at the field level where the proverbial hammer hits nail. Our foremen and superintendents are experienced, talented and take great pride in the process as well as the product we are building.

Successful quality management requires our entire team to be engaged in the process. Our project management staff plays an active role with our clients to develop quality management plans and procedures. Our supervisory team work closely with subcontractors and suppliers to secure timelines and quality measures are met for all aspects of a project.

MD Steele uses Lean Management principles to develop our project-specific Quality Management Plans (QMP). These QMP’s are tailored to the project to confirm required certifications, establish and track inspections and testing at appropriate locations and frequencies, and incorporate project specifications into site work methods.

MD Steele is guided by our Quality Management System which formalizes quality management across all of our projects. Our QMS is reviewed on a regular basis by senior management to develop and incorporate new best practices and technology into our work.


MD Steele works collaboratively with industry professionals providing solution-oriented results for our clients. Whether your project demands a design-bid-build, design-build, construction management or a customized solution, our team will exceed expectations.

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MD Steele’s entire team is solutions focused. Our solutions are centered around two driving factors: innovation and value engineering.

As we build, we look for creative ways to enhance the anticipated final product. Adding value to our project includes analyzing our processes and costs looking at the project lifecycle from design to maintenance, then applying innovative strategies to complete our builds effectively.

We strive to do better, always.