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M.D. Steele Construction Ltd. is proud to be one of the first contractors in Manitoba to acheive COR certification. Safety is a top priority in the construction industry and therefore constant assurance is undertaken in all aspects. M.D. Steele Construction Ltd's safety committee along with our full time safety officer set fourth our policy to ensur we are in-line with good construction practices.  To satisfy this policy, an organized and effective safety program is undertaken at each location where work is performed, in order to protect our workers, the public and the environment from harm. The objective of this safety program is the “Prevention of All Accidents”.

With this objective in mind, all our employees are subject to elements of the safety program. These elements include the following:

Mandatory safety orientation for new hires

Review of the Project Safety Plan, including emergency planning and procedures

Daily tail gate discussions and weekly tool box meetings

Explanation of job-specific hazards

Availability of job-specific training


M.D. Steele Construction Ltd has been COR certified since 2001.

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